Jianghan Survey

  Jianghan gets its name for sitting at the juncture of Yangtze River and Han River. Becoming a town during the Wanli reign of Ming dynasty, it was the cradle of Old Hankou, one of the “Four Famous Towns”, and has a long history and deep culture of trade and commerce. Today Jianghan is a land of clustering finance, prosperous commerce and thriving business. Equipped with unique competence like intensive flow of man, goods, capital and information, Jianghan has ranked the top among all the districts in Wuhan city. On this land of 33.43 square kilometers, GDP and fiscal revenue per square kilometer rank the highest in the whole province.

Jianghan, as the geographic and economic hub of Wuhan, is adjacent to Wuhan Passenger Terminal, one of the largest inland waterway terminals, and about 15 minutes’ drive away from the largest airport in central China—Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. In the district there are large transportation hubs such as Hankou Railway Station as well as Hubei and Wuhan long-haul coach stations, institutions like Wuhan Customs as well as Hubei Border Inspection and Hubei Entry-Exit Inspection, and a number of foreign consulates. Therefore an extensive, multi-modal transport network consist of railway, highway, airway and waterway transportation is well established and supported by a comprehensive customs clearance platform composed of cusoms, border inspection and entry-exit inspection authorities.


Enabled by unique advantages, modern service industry in Jianghan has developed robustly based on its accumulated strength. In the spirit of keeping abreast with the times and being innovative, development strategies have been constantly finetuned and improved.


Jianghan District will develop into a priority choice in Wuhan for business, transportation and living as the target is set for Jianghan to “have international perspective and be the first class in China and the Number One in Wuhan”. A prosperous and harmonious Jianghan with strong vitality is rising up steadily.

With the view of facilitating the growth of modern services businesses, Jianghan District take advantage of the opportunities generated by the National Pilot Area of Comprehensive Service Reform and the Provincial Demonstration one Zone of financial clustering,  and make full and flexible use of all the preferential policies.


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