Information Service--Synchronous Communication Worldwide

  China Mobile Hubei, Hubei Telecom Engineering Corporation and Wuhan Information Port are leading companies in building information highways. News media like Changjiang Press Group and Wuhan Broadcasting and Television Center as well as modern publishing and printing businesses make Jianghan a center of media and cultural information in Wuhan and central China.
Two major communication enterprises i.e. China Telecom Hubei and China Mobile Hubei both locate their head offices in Jianghan district, which boosts rapid growth of value-added communication and information services. There are over 60 providers of various value-added information services, and more than 100 service outsourcing companies engaged in communication network software and hardware maintenance business. Jianghan also takes the lead in establishing the “Wireless Jianghan” e-government program.

Prosperous business climate attracts a large number of well-known international and domestic intermediaries including Ernst & Young, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, China Britain Business Council, the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and Korea Trade Promotion Corporation to open branches in Jianghan. With their presence, a new chapter of integrated information services just begins.


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